* [RADIO] *

WLRN Miami – Topical Currents (4/6/15)
“Jonathan Waldman, Author or Rust: The Longest War”
{In which I hint at natural processes to which we ascribe shame}


WPR Wisconsin – Central Time (3/31/15)
“The Havoc Wreaked By Rust”
{In which an auto mechanic calls in to tell me what I already know about rust and cars}


KERA Dallas – Think (3/30/15)
“Rust: The Great Destroyer”
{In which my assessment of engineers is corroborated by a call-in listener}


WHYY Philadelphia – Radio Times (3/26/15)
“Jonathan Waldman’s ‘Rust: The Longest War.’”
{In which I address mustaches and my goat fixation, and read poetry}


WNPR Connecticut – Colin McEnroe Show (3/25/15)
“Combatting Corrosion: America’s War on RUST”
{In which I address poop jokes, “blood vessels of unknown origin,” and Trekkies}


WESA Pittsburgh – Keystone Crossroads (4/16/15)
Author Interview: Rust: The Longest War

Minnesota Public Radio –  News with Tom Weber (4/14/15)
“Jonathan Waldman on ‘Rust’ and our crumbling infrastructure”

PRI’s The Takeaway with John Hockenberry (3/16/15)
“The Surprising Truth About Rust”

Marketplace with David Gura (3/17/15)
“Much Ado About Rusting”

WNYC New York – The Brian Lehrer Show (3/18/15)
“Oxidation Nation”

WAMC Albany – The Roundtable (3/12/15)
“Rust: The Longest War”

KPCW Park City – Cool Science Radio (4/2/15)
“The insidious and slow moving enemy of every single person” (starts @ 24:00)

Smart People Podcast – episode #187 (4/20/15)
Jonathan Waldman – Rust: The Longest War

* [PRINT] *

Propeller — In which I talk craft with Evan P. Schneider

The Last Word On Nothing (4/21/15) — “Rust, Beer, and Burritos”

BBC Mundo (5/3/15) — “El desastre natural más destructivo del mundo moderno”

* [VIDEO] *

BookTV — Discussion about Rust @ Duke’s Forum for Scholars and Publics (4/8/15)

Politics & Prose (3/19/15) — In which I nail my wonkiest book talk yet