PRESENTING: a book about *RUST*

A TRUE STORY OF: science and drama, with poetry and war, whisky and last wishes, snake oil, scams, subterfuge, threats, insults, innuendo, lobbying, lies, protests, arrests, fines, and lawsuits

STARRING: Mother Nature, a.k.a. entropy, as “the evil,” “the enemy,” “the great destroyer,” or “the pervasive menace”

ALSO STARRING: Dan Dunmire, the Undersecretary of Defense for Corrosion Protection; Harry Brearley (deceased), the father of stainless steel; Ed Laperle, director of the corrosion lab at Ball Corporation; Bhaskar Neogi, (former) integrity manager for the trans-Alaska pipeline; Alyssha Eve Csuk, photographer extraordinaire; and others

INCLUDING: Big Auto, Big Oil, Big Tobacco, Hollywood, and the paint army

ALSO INCLUDING: one Supreme Court justice, two mayors, three congressmen, four admirals, five senators, six Presidents, and many amazing engineers

WITH APPEARANCES BY: Bill Kunstler, LeVar Burton, and Frank Sinatra

FEATURING: obsession and stubbornness, ingenuity and improvisation, and rebellion, daring, and bravery

EXPLAINING: x-ray fluorescence, electro-impedence spectroscopy, magnetic-flux leakage, ultrasonic transduction, cathodic protection, thermodynamic diagramming, and galvanizing

ALSO FEATURING: knives, guns, cannons, dynamite, and nukes; explosions, impalement, and decapitation

WITH: underemployed cats, cadaver dogs, expensive fish, brilliant ravens, sneaky sharks, and flying pigs

AND: unknown superheroes

ADDITIONALLY WITH: carloads of cheeseheads

ALSO, OF COURSE: a lot of mustaches

AND SOMEHOW: rust boogers

INSPIRED BY: two years on one stupid sailboat

RESEARCHED IN: California, Texas, Alaska, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, and Colorado

PUBLISHED BY: Simon & Schuster

WRITTEN BY: Jonathan Waldman


HIGHLIGHTED AS: an LA Times Book Prize finalist; a Colorado Book Award winner; a Wall Street Journal “best book of the year;” a Barnes & Noble “Discover Great New Writers” selection; a Powell’s “New Favorite” and “Staff Favorite” selection; and an Amazon “Best Book of the Month” and editors’ “Big Spring Reads” pick